Alright guys and gals. I accidentally read Made You Up somehow not knowing it was a sick lit book because I tend to try (and fail to avoid those) and don't know enough about schizophrenia to comment on whether it's an accurate or harmful betrayal so I'll keep this brief.

This book was sweet. Which maybe it shouldn't have been considering the subject matter but maybe we also shouldn't be trying to decide what type of protagonists get to have sweet stories.

It was cheesy and cliche and tropey as all heck so if you're into that give it a read. I read it in the middle of an angsty book spell so I liked it but if I read it in the middle of a contemporary stint I might have found it to generic. I think the biggest obstacle this book has to deal with is how sweet it is. Zappia wants to tell a heartwarming, light story and maybe doing that with a protagonist who's main plot line and character growth centers around mental illness wasn't the best backdrop for that.

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