Good news! Jonathon Harker has a new client! He is a wealthy old man who lives in Eastern Europe (Transylvania, Romania to be exact), and goes by the name of Count Dracula. He comes from a long line of seemingly impressive figures, and is looking to branch out. And good news, he's moving to England! Dracula has hired Jonathon to help him with the logistics of moving. He's looking at a beautiful property, would like to familiarize himself with some of the common English customs, and terrorize an entire country to prolong his cursed existence and satiate his unquenchable thirst for human blood and effectively the life force of an entire population. And he's doing it right under everyone's noses...

With the help of his wife and friends from all over the globe, Jonathon must rid the world of this unholy beast for the survival of all that he knows, and loves.

An unmistakable classic, Dracula explores the nature of good and evil and what it means to be public enemy number one to the entire human race.

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